About Android


Simple Introduction

Android, well now a day everybody know about android. Android is the most used mobile operating system currently developing by Google Inc., for touch screen mobile, tablets. But Now they have increase the use area for the wear, glass, auto, TV and much more. Android is based on the Linux kernel and open source. As a Android developer interesting thing about Android is  customization, what a superb thing. Many mobile company have customize android OS for their device.

Apps : Power to you

Android have break down barriers to developing amazing applications. A lots of application published on the official Android App Store PlayStore . PlayStore also provide a amazing games, books, movies. Users of apps and games are always get their application as per requirement. Android provide all types of app in category of entertainment, education, lifestyle, business, finance, health,  news, music,  photography, productivity, social, sport, travel and much more…… Now a day their is apps for android watch, Google glass and Android Auto and they are defiantly rock you life style.  Life is easy with the Application and that is the power of android.

Fast & Easy Development

As a Open source Google have develop most easier development environment. Lots of library and sample projects are available for development and its play mos use role in making amazing application. Now a day Android Studio (IDE) is used for development .

You can get more information from official site https://www.android.com/ and more from Wikipedia. Well this is the only begging of android and Best is yet to come.

Well Now we start our Android Application development. I post my next post soon for starting with Android studio. See you soon……. have a nice code.

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