Android N Preview for Developers

Hello Developers, I am really surprised when I see a mail in morning from Google and its all about Android N Preview. We all developers are expecting Android N Preview release in or after Google I/O May 2016. Well we are lucky this time to play with new things this year. You may see this Developer N Preview here.


What is it : Android N Preview ?

Android N Preview is the new Android software test version, which is primarily intended for developers. Of course like other Developer Preview version, this version not contain all features of the new coming version of Android, its just some useful things. So developer can send feedback and improve much more new Android N. Google said that the final version of Android N will be sent to all manufacturers this summer.

What’s new in Android N Preview ?

Well many of useful and new feature in Android. Here i will write about some amazing feature coming in Android N Preview. Right now there is new update is available in some device like Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9G, Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player.

Multi-Window :


A really charming feature I look is a multi-window in Android N Preview. This works in all portrait and landscape mode for Phones and Tablets. Ability to set minimum size of window to preventing too much small size from user. To use this function we have to add a new attribute called android:resizableActivity. This is too much good in games, video playing apps and that’s specially for chatting application. It’s mean that you may able to play on WhatsApp and Facebook at a time.

Direct from reply notifications :


For real time communication application there is a new feature to quick reply from notification without leaving notification shade. The notification panel has been completely redesigned and its looks so pretty. We can reply using RemoteInput notification API.

Battery Efficiency Improvements :

In Android N Preview the energy saving mode Doze has been improved too much.In N, Doze additionally saves battery whenever the screen turns off the device. Whenever the phone  display turned off its goes in too saving mode.

System Screen Menu :


In N there is system setting screen is also cool. UI and fonts are so cool. Now new is hamburger menu button or icon with three horizontal line has been added in System Setting screen. Its mean that when you at bottom of screen and you have to start a wifi, you can go directly using this functionality.

Support of Java 8:

As per post of Dave Burke at android-developers.blogspot : We’re excited to bring Java 8 language features to Android. With Android’s Jack compiler, you can now use many popular Java 8 language features, including lambdas and more, on Android versions as far back as Gingerbread. The new features help reduce boilerplate code. For example, lambdas can replace anonymous inner classes when providing event listeners. Some Java 8 language features –like default and static methods, streams, and functional interfaces — are also now available on N and above. With Jack, we’re looking forward to tracking the Java language more closely while maintaining backward compatibility.

But what next Android Name ??

Yes.! This is biggest interesting question to me and may be you too, what is next version name of Android ? Well there is many possibility of name android version. But still possibility on this two names : Android Nutella and Android Nougat.  In December 2015, CEO of Google Mr. Sundar Pichai, speaking at a college in Delhi India, suggested that Google is considering holding a poll to allow users to decide the official name of Android N. The comment came after Pichai was asked why there has not been an Android version named after an Indian desert. He commented that he would ask his mother for suggestions of Indian name. I hope  its “Nan Khatai”.

There is some other new feature is also in new Android N Preview and you can see the full documentation from developer site here. Some developer have also face bugs but Google team works hard on that. Hope you like this post.


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