Getting started Android with Android Studio

Basic requirement for Android

To start walk with Android, you have to need some knowledge in programming. For work proper machine required. Minimum requirement is below.

  • Basic knowledge in Java Programming Language.
  • OOPS Concept for better and clean development
  • Simple knowledge of XML for best UI design.
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 7/8.
  • Android Studio IDE (Eclipse is too, but I prefer Android Studio).
  • Least one real device for proper testing.
  • Journey on Stackoverflow and Github. Its optional but must required when you stuck in invisible error.
  • Last but most important your passion to walk up to last.

Lets Start with Android Studio


Now to start development we have to need IDE called Android Studio. You can Download Android Studio and SDK from developer site. There is a all type of requirement for android studio is give in this site. You will also update SDK(Software Development Kit) from android studio now.

Now install Android studio and follow the instructions. Its take few minutes and then after its show welcome screen like below.


In this screen many options for project like new project, open project etc.Right Now we starting a new project so click on first row Start a new Android Studio Project. 

After that a configuration project screen open. In this screen there is first field is Application Name for the our Application name. I name it as My FirstApp. Second one is Company Domain which is for your company site name. Third one and most important is you application package name. Application package name unique for every application. Normally the package name can be anything, but it’s highly recommended that you use a reverse domain name format,e.g. you’d use com.yoursite.appname. And last one location of your project name. Then press next.


Next process is to target android device.  There is a many type of android device like phone, tablet, wear, glass and auto. For what type of device you want to target in development. Minimum SDK is declare that you application is works on this API or higher.  Other option is for device type of you want to develop.


After do complete this step go to next. Now next process is to choose activity type. Android studio gives some built in activity and code of required things. For now we choose a Empty Activity and go to next.


After that a new window for a creating our initiating screen and java file. Name is already given,  put  as well as and hit the finish……!!!!!!!!


And then sounds like Yeahhh..!!. We have done our project configuration. Now its look like below and feel as Developer…!!


Good you have achieve a new goal of start up in Android Development.

Now we have to make our AVD(Android Virtual Device) for test our application. For that Go to Tools->Android->AVD Manager. Then new window open. If you are at first time then click the button Create new virtual Device or you have done before it then the list of your created device is listed. Well for now we create new device, hit Create new virtual device. You will see below screen.


Select your own required device. You may able to create your own hardware profile. Also Phone, Tablet, wear and TV device also available. Select one and go to next and follow instruction for create new device. At last you may see you device is in list, you can start it. Its take few minute.



I recommended you to use real  device for run application or you may also use GenyMotion for testing purpose.

Now we have successfully configured our Android Studio. Let’s little visit on the Folders and Files in Android Studio in my next Post.

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