Write C Program For Logical Not Operator.


Write C Program To Find Volume Of Cube


Here is source code of the C program to calculate the area of a circle.


Write C Program For Logical AND (&&) Operator.


Write C Program For Basic arithmetic operators The Operators include Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Computers use different symbols in programming to represent some of these: Addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication […]

Write C program to calculate Gross Salary of an employee –  This program will calculate gross salary of an employee based on basic salary.


How to find square root of a number in C programming using sqrt() function. Write a C program to input a number and find square root of the given number.


C program to perform basic arithmetic operation subtraction of two numbers. Numbers are assumed to be integers and will be entered by a user.


This C language program performs the basic arithmetic operation of addition of two numbers and then prints their sum on the screen. For example, if a user will input two numbers as; ’10’, ’20’ then […]