Relative Layout in Android

There is a many way to arrange our UI component of application on screen in android. We have learn about Linear Layout in last tutorial. Now we learn about most useful after linear layout […]

Linear Layout in Android

Android need layout to contain all view in proper format. Linear layout is one of them. As per name Linear layout is a view group that aligns all children in a […]

Button Example in Android

Button, a push-button is simple widget of Android which is used to perform any action when user click or press it. We learn about simple button and its event. Simple […]

EditText in Android

Using TextView we are able to display some text. But what happened when user want to add some text in application ? It’s done by EditText in android. EditText allow […]

TextView in Android

Android provide one powerful widget to display some text on screen. Using TextView we can do this thing. TexView is basic requirement of any UI. Its works like label and have […]

Hello World !! First App in Android

Yeah..!! Now its time to make our first android application. Before we start with it you have to set up Android Studio, well we have all set up Android Studio […]

Folders and Files in Android Studio

Android App Folder Structure Before starting development its very important to understand about file and folder structure of Android Studio. Our main folder is app/src/main/ but right now we see useful content […]

Getting started Android with Android Studio

Basic requirement for Android To start walk with Android, you have to need some knowledge in programming. For work proper machine required. Minimum requirement is below. Basic knowledge in Java Programming Language. OOPS Concept for […]

About Android

Simple Introduction Android, well now a day everybody know about android. Android is the most used mobile operating system currently developing by Google Inc., for touch screen mobile, tablets. But […]

Welcome to SkyNils !

Hello Developers..!! Welcomes to the “Out of Box” world. I am so excited to you see and I am sure that you will get the interesting and helpful information, new ideas, and […]