Moveable Textview in Android

There is many Image editing or collage maker app have one simple functionality, which is move able Text. In out regular TextView, we don’t need it because our requirement is static […]

Rating Bar in Android Example

Rating bar is used to get the rating from user and show by star. We can touch/drag or use arrow keys to set the rating when using the default size […]

Share Text in Android

In many application there is a share button for share some text and/or link of application. Or in many apps which share some text to other applications using android sharing functionality by […]

Custom Alert Dialog Box in Android

In last tutorial we have see the example of Alert Dialog in Android. But sometime we need to make our own customize dialog. In this tutorial we create custom dialog. […]

Alert Dialog Box in Android

In Android whenever we need to create alert in application, at that time we can use Alert Dialog. Alert Dialog box is a simple prompt message window for provide alert to user. […]

Custom Button Shape in Android

Android provide many of standard views such as Button, TextView and ImageView. We are also able to create custom view as per our requirenment. One day I have seen skype […]

Spinner in Android

Spinner is a dropdown list in Android. Using spinner we can select an item from multiple drop down menu. Spinner is mostly used in selection of one item from multiple items, […]

Switch Button in Android

In Android Switch is button which have only two state “ON/OFF”. Switch is mostly used in the setting UI components. See Use of switch in my old deveice. Switch is such […]

ToggleButton in Android

Toggle button is mostly used when we need to display “ON / OFF” states for button. Toggle button is two states button such as a checked/unchecked. Toggle button used in […]

ImageView in Android Example

Every Application need awesome UI, we have learn some component. Now to show image in UI we can use Imageview in Android. ImageView is beautiful component to display image in […]