Custom Button Shape in Android

Android provide many of standard views such as Button, TextView and ImageView. We are also able to create custom view as per our requirenment. One day I have seen skype […]

Switch Button in Android

In Android Switch is button which have only two state “ON/OFF”. Switch is mostly used in the setting UI components. See Use of switch in my old deveice. Switch is such […]

ToggleButton in Android

Toggle button is mostly used when we need to display “ON / OFF” states for button. Toggle button is two states button such as a checked/unchecked. Toggle button used in […]

RadioButton Example in Android

When we need to select one option from multiple choice, then we can use RadioButton in Android. RadioButton is two states button, checked and unchecked which is used to select one […]

CheckBox Example in Android

Checkbox is simple widget of android for multiple selection. When we need to choose multiple options we can use Checkbox. E.g.When we have to choose our hobby. CheckBox is two states button, […]

Button Example in Android

Button, a push-button is simple widget of Android which is used to perform any action when user click or press it. We learn about simple button and its event. Simple […]

EditText in Android

Using TextView we are able to display some text. But what happened when user want to add some text in application ? It’s done by EditText in android. EditText allow […]